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Project Management at Your Fingertips

BuildHubs creates a unique “hub” for each new build project. Each one contains all of the information regarding the project, making it easy to transition from the planning phase into the active project management phase. 

During the planning phase all of the roles, responsibilities, and milestones would have been created. BuildHubs then delivers a road map for the completion of the new build project. 

In the project management phase, you begin to leverage these steps to communicate with the sub-contractors and trade professionals on their assigned work. 


The assigned hub has a unique URL providing two-way access for both the builder and trade professionals. This access through BuildHubs helps navigate and track milestones, thus alleviating any possibility for miscommunication or misunderstanding since all the information is under one roof. This becomes the central portal for all parties to update, manage, and communicate throughout the lifecycle of a project. 

Flexibility in the type of content shared in BuildHubs includes uploading documents and images. This can provide visual proof of the completion of tasks. 

In addition, you can “elevate” milestones and tasks to make them visible to the home buyer.  

This feature is new in the industry. One of the core values of BuildHubs is improving communications in the construction industry and giving the home buyer access to project information like pictures of completed work and a way to interact directly with the builder is a perfect example. 

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