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Changing how the construction industry communicates is a core value of BuildHubs. The application allows direct interaction through each unique project hub to everyone connected to the new build project. One of the most significant differences between BuildHubs and other construction programs is that homeowners are included in the communication between participants. Homeowners that feel they are involved and supported during one of the largest and most memorable transactions in their life undergo less stress.  Access to more information during the building process results in increased customer satisfaction.

BuildHubs allows the homeowner to communicate with builders, its staff, and trade professionals directly. BuildHubs infrastructure looks and feels like a Microsoft program, making it easy-to-use while providing a superior customer experience. Access to the builder or trade professional permits  requests to be fulfilled.  Pictures of rework needed can be added, and scheduling the rework is convenient and easy.  

Eliminate the possibility of any misunderstanding, improve slow response rates, and increase customer satisfaction. 

87% of new home buyers said they would not recommend their builder due to:

  • poor communication
  • lack of attention to outstanding work
  • difficulty of scheduling trade visits 
  • quality of re-work 

The major causes of customer dissatisfaction:

New builds are complex, and this complexity is invisible to most homebuyers. Providing the buyer with access to the associated steps, the ongoing process, and giving them the ability to ask questions and get clarification can avoid common sources of dissatisfaction. 

  • Quality of Workmanship 
  • Miscommunication 
  • Follow through on commitments or repairs 

Why does this matter to your construction company? 


BuildHubs prevents buyer dissatisfaction and increases your referral rates. Providing high quality customer service will set you apart from your competitor and ultimately help you sell more homes.  Let BuildHubs easy-to-use, mobile-friendly application improve the home buyerexperience and journey. 

BuildHubs wants to help you increase your referral rates, provide high quality customer service and ultimately sell more homes.  Our easy-to-use, mobile-friendly application was developed with a goal to help improve the home buyers journey.